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  Jack-Hand © remote control system  
-Removes guesswork of operating Overhead Cranes!
Pat. Pend.

  • No more guessing which directional button to push (North,South,East,West)
    - just point the "trigger" where do you want crane to go!

  • No more dangerous situations when crane travels to unexpected direction

  • No more swinging loads after panic-corrections

  • Less Crane misuse (jogging), less breakdowns and service costs

  • More Productivity and MUCH SAFER working environment

  • Easy to Install - Fits every crane from Monorails to Multi-hoist Overhead travel cranes

  • Super Heavy Duty - Designed to last in toughest environment
     -Pendant cable protected with Flame Resistant, Steel Reinforced hydraulic hose
     with Triple moist-locks and top mounting secured with 2x 1ton chains


  • Australian Design, Australian Made with the Highest Quality in the Industry